DSCN0491You have heard the term “seeds of hope”.  Perhaps the term “gifts that keep on giving.”   These old adages come alive in our programs focused on agricultural development.

We have found a diverse array of assistance projects are necessary to stimulate the cultivation of land and raising of animals.  They include:

  • Land Acquisition for Family garden plots
  • Community scale agricultural plots
  • Seed Purchases
  • Fruit Orchards  & Saplings – Land, Implements, and Trees Purchased
  • Basic Farm Implements
  • Distribution of Goats to families and communites for milk production.

The people of Nicaragua love their land. -they love the land.  They know how to work it to survive.  A chance to own some land and the means to till, nurture and harvest it is often out of reach.  When given the chance, the bounty of Nicaragua comes to life when placed in the capable hands of the villages and family farmers.

Beyond the harvest and the nutritional benefits that comes with it, to the recipient of these programs comes a restoration of the basic fundamentals of a healthy community -the dignity of having work.  These projects are  an investment infused with a spirit of confidence in the people.  Compared to more basic charity-it just feels right for everyone involved.  We know our Nicaraguan friends are great custodians of the land and grateful for these opportunities.  They prove it year after year by surpassing our highest expectations of the impact this program would have on child nutrition and the spirit of the families and communities.

With your help:

  • We have distributed micro loans, grants, and gifts to hundreds of farm and garden projects.
  • We have delivered over 300 goats to the yards and community pastures of remote villages
  • We have purchased acres of land for communities to do what they do best:  nurture it to bounty.

So plant the seeds of hope.  Literally.  It really is your gift that keeps on giving.

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