Proud graduates in cap and gown receive diplomas from Eben-Ezer School in San Isidro, Nicaragua. A facility Casa Unida is proud to call our flagship education project to date!

Eben-Ezer School

Eben-Ezer School in San Isidro was developed to offer children of any means a superior alternative to the public education available in this small town.   Thirteen classrooms are being constructed, and over half of them are in use today.  For under ten dollars a month per student, the youth here are exposed to an environment and quality of education that lets them know that they are important and education is esteemed.  It is difficult to put the photos we receive of graduates in context.  The real journey  isn’t walking miles from their dirt floor huts to the school everyday – it is the journey from a young person focused on surviving to a young scholar  embracing the prospects of their brighter future as they walk across a stage to receive a diploma and flip their tassels.  This is a true transformational experience and sure to pay dividends to the entire region for years to come.  Our total outlay for this project that is 80 percent complete is nearing $110,000.  About $60,000 more will complete construction and assure us we keep our backpack and school supply donations flowing to the students for years to come!

Melonar School Kitchen

If schools provide meals, children whom often don’t know where their next meal is coming from are sure to attend.  If they eat healthy, their prospects for their school day and learning grow astronomically.  For a cost of less than $3000, we constructed a kitchen at this public school.  It is also across the dirt road from the community center we constructed in 2012.  We work with all agencies, public and private.  We think outside the box.  The goal is education and nutrition.  This project achieved both in an area in great need for a small sum of money.

Las Riojas Education Annex

As satellite buildings to our community center, these multi-use classrooms are both the pride and the epicenter of the community.  So well equipped are the facilities we construct that the public education officials are working with us to lease them when not used for private education programs.  Two more classrooms in another annex are being added in summer of 2013.  We know that education is the long term solution for Las Riojas. The same is true  everywhere else in Nicaragua.  These facilities are like our version of a field of dreams.  We build them, and the children and the educators flock to them.  When this happens, you know the need you are addressing is underserved.  We won’t stop building classrooms of all kinds until the children and the teachers stop coming for miles to utilize them.  I think it is safe to say we have a lifetime of work ahead of us in providing education enhancement programs in Nicaragua.  Fortunately, we have just the volunteers and donors willing to offer their lifetime of service and support.

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