Sewing Machines for Seamstresses

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThis program was designed as a self-perpetuating program. In conjunction with Rotary Club Int’l we provided  15 sewing machines and materials for this project.  Once the machines were distributed and the men and women trained they began working and earning a modest living.  In the spirit of cooperation they agreed to return a small portion of the money they earn to the Foundation in order to buy additional sewing machines for other remote villages. This has been an immensely popular program.  We intend to expand this program in the future beyond the scope of coop investment from the local seamstresses.  When Nicaraguan women are given the means to provide, or an opportunity to learn a trade -they pursue it with a gusto.  It is that enthusiasm to be self sufficient that drives us at Casa Unida to develop more programs and expand successful ones.  If we let up, we let our brothers and sisters down.  Write us with more great ideas and consider giving to our business development efforts.

Some community business development ideas under review:

Training Guides to serve the Eco-Tourism Industry

Creating and Selling Folk Art and Crafts for the Tourist Marketplace

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