Our Mission:

The Mission of the Casa Unida Foundation is to foster hope in the face of abject poverty thru the development, funding, and incubation of community sustained programs mitigating the effects of poverty on the people, the communities and the culture of Nicaragua.

Foundation Officers:

Bob Moore:  President

Bob MooreBob Moore took his first mission trip in 1980 to Central America. Since then, he has gone home after each trip, but his heart has remained with the people he sees as needing a hand up, the people of Nicaragua.

Moore’s work in missions began after a lengthy career in the commercial printing business. After his formal retirement, he also did some lawn sprinkler installation and repair. That, he said, was to fund his trips to Central America. His work in commercial printing helped his next career of organizing missions. In commercial printing, he had to manage projects and personnel. In missions, he has been responsible for meeting with local leaders to determine what projects to do, keeping mission teams together, safe and on track and accommodations to take care of everyone.

In the first trip, he experienced the complication, some frustration and most importantly the calling of missions. It was at that point, he determined that missions, specifically Nicaragua, was his “God-given call.” Part of it is the poverty level, he said. Nicaragua ranks just above Haiti as the poorest country in this hemisphere. As such, more than half of the Nicaraguan population earn less than a dollar a day.  Email Bob: Bob Moore

Bill Colwell:  Vice President

Bill Colwell-1Bill Colwell was born in Hazard, Ky., in 1928.  He served in World War II from 1944 to 1948. He served in four major battles from Normandy to Berlin. He was an U.S. Army paratrooper.  Bill is an active speaker and ambassador for the Greatest Generation Foundation, traveling the globe with dignitaries and politicians- preserving both the values and true stories of sacrifice he lived first hand.  Bill continues this service to make sure the narrative and heroes of history are not distant from the memory of leaders and citizens today.

He is married with four children, 12 grandchildren and 14 great-grandchildren.  He is retired from education.  Bill first visited Nicaragua in 2010 and has been on three work trips.  Bill is looking forward to helping build God’s kingdom in Nicaragua.

Denis Espinoza:  Legal Counsel,  Nicaragua In-Country Liaison

Brother Denis2

Mr. Espinoza is former Educational Minister of Nicaragua and past President of University of Nicaragua. He is the Board’s representative in Central America for Casa Unida Foundation affairs. He is administrator of Humanitarian Programs for Casa Unida Foundation in Nicaragua.
Mr. Espinoza has vast experience in working with non-profit organizations, volunteers and development of community programs within Nicaragua.


Tom Munds:  Communications

photo-29Tom Munds was born and raised in Portsmouth, Va., moved to Miami, Fla. in the middle of his junior year in high school.He graduated from Miami Senior High School in 1955 and left for Air Force basic training three days after graduation.

Tom spent almost 22 years in the Air Force and retired as a Master Sergeant. His service included two remote tours in Alaska plus 20 months in Vietnam.  He broke into journalism in 1969 when he was appointed as additional duty public information officer for his unit at Lowry AFB. He came back to the same unit when he returned from Vietnam and the additional duty became his full-time job.

While working on the Lowry base paper, he began writing sports stories for local weekly newspapers.  That led to a full-time job when he got out of the Air Force on Dec. 31, 1976. He has been working as a reporter-photographer ever since.

He currently works for Colorado Community Media, a group of 10 weekly newspapers.He attends Denver First Church of the Nazarene and has volunteered with Casa Unida Foundation for the past several years and is a member of the foundation board of directors.  He and his wife had a son and two daughters. He likes to read, take pictures and travel.

Forrest Herschberger:  Press & Public Relations

Forrest mug

Forrest Hershberger lives in Sterling, CO with his wife Anita.

He is a writer with a 20-year history in community journalism throughout eastern and southern Colorado. He is currently the news editor of the South Platte Sentinel newspaper in Sterling. He also worked as a daily newspaper editor. He has also published a pictorial history book on the Sterling community and plans to publish fiction and nonfiction books as well.

He enjoys bicycling, hiking, traveling and being involved in the community.  In 2012, he was asked to be a member of the advisory board for Casa Unida Foundation.

Email Forrest: Forrest Hershberger

Advisory Board:

JD Emnett

JD Emnett was born and raised in Wheelersburg, Ohio where he currently resides with his wonderful wife Keri, and 3 beautiful children, Zeke, Page and Jolie. JD enjoys working with people and has built many important relationships through his early work in the business sector before moving into the realm of education where he taught for four years. He then began a new life journey as an administrator. He is currently a high school principal at Green High School in Franklin Furnace, OH. In this leadership role, he can put his true strengths to work by working with and leading his faculty to build a strong academic focus for the students of the community. JD studied business as his undergraduate degree from Shawnee State University, completed some graduate work at Marshall University and ultimately received his Masters in secondary education administration from Ohio University in 2006. JD is presently a member of the Ohio Association of Secondary School Administrators (OASSA) Board of Directors and Casa Unida Advisory Board. Through his work with Casa Unida, he has assisted in planning humanitarian trips to Nicaragua for the past four years. JD’s true passion is his faith, his family and his love for humanity in general.

Foundation Facts:

  • Founded in 2005

  • An all Volunteer Organization – No Salaries, Unnecessary Assets,  or Expensive Overhead.

  • 97 %  of Donations received are administered  directly to the communities and children in Nicaragua.

  • Established and regulated as a 501(c)3 Charitable Organization since 2006.

Fun Casa Unida Facts:

  • We have given over 300 goats purchased by our donors to families and villages in Nicaragua
  • We have given over 200 micro farm loans of $100-$500 to family farmers in Nicaragua
  • By 2014, we will have  manufactured, distributed, installed, and educated the users of over 275 bio sand water filters deployed into remote homes.
  • Walk thru Somoto, Nicaragua and ask most anyone if they know Bob Moore or Brother Denis from Casa Unida.  First a smile.  Then a Yes!
  • Over 200 different volunteers from the USA have travelled with Casa Unida at their own expense to work side by side with Nicaraguans during our annual “Summer In Service”  trips.  Many come back with us year after year!
  • Every one of our volunteers carries “suitcase # 2” from the USA full of donation items that are quickly distributed via Brother Denis and his outreach programs to select families in need.
  • Eskimo is great Ice Cream.  We love it.  Too much.  Did we mention Eskimo is great Ice Cream?
  • In Somoto, the greeting coming or going is “Adio”  drop the “s”

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