When we started Casa Unida we asked a very difficult question and made an even tougher concession:  If we cannot eradicate poverty, how can we best target our efforts to mitigate the effects extreme poverty has on the people, the communities, and the culture of Nicaragua?

We began by going to the source, the Nicaraguan people -and listening to their needs.  We tapped into the knowledge base of the grassroots organizations and networks already established by churches, educators, mission workers, and community leaders.   The common theme in all of their requests and correspondence was one of cooperation, longevity, and commitment.  Their message was clear.  Bring enough genuine care to capitalize on one thing Nicaraguans have in infinite supply:   love.   Love for the family, the community, and the country of Nicaragua.  Their plea – Help us foster all of this love into Hope.

So we at Casa Unida have set out to let the people know what Hope looks and feels like.  One child.  One Family. One village at a time.

Can an entire village turn the corner from despair and begin to see rays of hope after only a few years of effort by our volunteers working hand in hand with them?   Is it really as simple as –

  • Establishing the first clean water line and tap in a town?
  • Building bright, clean and dry classrooms?
  • Building and establishing a community center?
  • Offering the buildings we construct  to host religious services?
  • Buying a family a goat?
  • Buying a farmer seeds?
  • Buying Land for community agricultural plots?
  • Distributing monthly sponsorship money for the children most destitute?
  • Developing real relationships between volunteers and local workers -who return year after year?
  • Encouraging our sponsors to not just support children, but corresponding with them as the grow up?
  • Cleaning up the air in the home cooking area with a simple chimney flue we teach them to make and install?
  • Fund and assist in the manufacture and installation of effective -inexpensive water filters- and teaching healthy water hygiene?

Perhaps it is different to each person, each family, each community.  It may just require one of these things we take for granted, or it may be the sum of  living improvements in the region.  What we do know and witness year after year- the esteem of the communities we serve is rising.  With each project completed we see a glimmer of pride in their eyes.   Hope.

How can we do this?    With dedication of our volunteers working in conjunction with  entire communities– and spreading an awareness of the plight of Nicaraguan people in time for you to alter the trajectory of lives facing dismal odds.

Hope—It can begin as heartbreak in you,  call you to get involved, and be carried by our volunteers and our co-workers in Nicaragua to a people and a nation in great need.

Begin the Transformation of Hope:   Fund a Project.  Volunteer.  Sponsor a Child – Today!