A Casa Unida Foundation team spent the last two weeks of February in Northern Nicaragua as the undertook a number of projects that included delivering a complete set of baseball equipment to a high school in the city of Esteli.

Baseball is challenging soccer as the No. 1 sport in Nicaragua and while school kids want to play baseball, schools get no money for sports equipment.

A request from one school for baseball equipment became a foundation project. The organization collects gently-used equipment and accepts financial donations to purchase new equipment. The equipment delivered to a school includes bats, balls, gloves, batting helmets and a complete set of catcher gear.

In February the team delivered equipment to a high school of 1,000 students in Esteli. The school had a team but had no baseball equipment for the players. The foundation turned the equipment over to the school and the school plans to issue it to players for practices and games then have it returned to the school.

This is the ninth school to receive baseball equipment donations from Casa Unida Foundation and there is a long list that would like to receive equipment.