Bob Moore took his first mission trip in 1980 to Central America. Since then, he has gone home after each trip, but his heart has remained with the people he sees as needing a hand up, the people of Nicaragua.
Moore’s work in missions began after a lengthy career in the commercial printing business. After his formal retirement, he also did some lawn sprinkler installation and repair. That, he said, was to fund his trips to Central America. His work in commercial printing helped his next career of organizing missions. In commercial printing, he had to manage projects and personnel. In missions, he has been responsible for meeting with local leaders to determine what projects to do, keeping mission teams together, safe and on track and accommodations to take care of everyone.
In the first trip, he experienced the complication, some frustration and most importantly the calling of missions. It was at that point, he determined that missions, specifically Nicaragua, was his “God-given call.” Part of it is the poverty level, he said. Nicaragua ranks just above Haiti as the poorest country in this hemisphere. As such, more than half of the Nicaraguan population earn less than a dollar a day.      Email Bob: Bob Moore
Bob Moore - President